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    Felix Wiemers - rider K2 din Team Europe

    Dupa cum stiti, SkiVirus a fost prezent la evenimentul BMW X1 Live Tour unde am avut ocazia sa cunoastem trei dintre riderii K2 Team Europe. Ne-am dat impreuna, am petrecut impreuna si am decis sa tinem legatura. Pentru a-i cunoaste mai bine am ales sa stam un pic cu ei de vorba. Din motive lesne de inteles, discutia s-a purtat in engleza si sper sa nu deranjeze pe nimeni.

    Haideti sa il cunoastem pe Felix Wiemers.

    Hy Felix!

    SKIVIRUS: It was a pleasure meeting you and it's a pleasure talking to you. Thanks in advance for taking this interview. Our skiers from the www.skivirus.com community are anxious to get to know you so lets begin by introducing yourself.
    FELIX: Hello everybody, my name is Felix Wiemers. I study in Marburg sport and physics. It is a city far away the mountains in the middle of Germany. So I decided to stop my studies this winter to live in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. Now I have a lot of time for skiing.

    SKIVIRUS:First thing that everyone want to know for sure is when did you start skiing and where?
    FELIX: I started skiing when I was two and a half year in the southern part of Tyrol. I spent my holidays with my family there in a nice motorcaravan.

    SKIVIRUS: Everybody has a background when it comes to skiing, everybody has an interesting story and i guess you guys do the same. So what is your long story told short about you skiing?
    FELIX: When I was young I did a lot of gymnastics. This helped me very much in the park for learning new tricks. Especially the flips.

    SKIVIRUS: Coming back to the present...You are a rider for K2. When did you become a pro-skier and how did you become a member of K2 Team?
    FELIX: This is now the third season in the K2 team. I just wrote an application and was very happy when they answered it. I was really stoked when I got my first pair of skis for free.

    SKIVIRUS: You are enjoying the freestyle part of the skiing and we all saw that you do it very well. You must have a list of tricks that you like so which is the number one trick for you?
    FELIX: I love to do switch 7 on kickers. You can combine this trick with lots of grabs.

    SKIVIRUS: We all know that when you are skiing you expose yourself to accidents and injuries. I guess you have a "winner" in this category also. I know that it isn't easy to talk about accidents, but you must tell us what's the worst accident so we can all learn from you what to do and what not to do.
    FELIX: In the beginning of the last season I destroyed my ACL. It happened in the morning of a nice sunny day on the mountain, just after my warming up. I did a forward 7, like many times before...

    SKIVIRUS: Everybody nowadays is influenced by something. Skiing is influenced by oldschool or newschool. What influenced you the most?
    FELIX: I just do what seems to be funny and looking good. No matter if it is Old- or Newschool.

    SKIVIRUS: In the end we would all like to know what do you do when there's no snow and you are not skiing?
    FELIX: In the summer I spend a lot of time in the gym. I learn a lot of new gymnastics and train on the tramp for the winter. I also love to go windsurfing..

    Daca vreti sa il vedeti pe Felix in exercitiul functiunii, un preview aveti aici

    Ii multumim lui Felix pentru interviul acordat si va sfatuim sa stati pe faza ca in curand o sa apara si ceilalti doi rideri.

    pozele au fost furnizate de Felix Wiemers

    Echipa SKIVIRUS.


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    Simpatic omu', ce mai servici; imi doresc si a 2-a viata, dar sa fiu cumva constient de ceea ce pot face (de mic). Pana atunci, ma uit cu jind la baieti de genul lui si-mi vad de birou zi de zi. Uf!

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    Felix a scapat de dilema care ma macina in fiecare dimineata:sa fac dreapta spre scarbiciu sau stanga la ski??!!

  4. All I can say right now is ... Magnificent ...

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    It's amazing what have you done Felix. You are a Pro.

    Beautiful photos, too.
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