Schiurile sunt in stare tehnica buna 8/10 ( uzura normala), fara defecte majore ( cant in stare buna, talpa in stare buna). Are pe suprafata cateva ciobituri pe design ( nu in fluenteaza tehnic starea schiului) - se vede in poze.

Schiurile sunt in special pentru park / pipe, dar se prezinta bine in mai toate conditiile ( le-am folosit ca si all mountain fara probleme)

descrierea si date tehnice mai jos:

Salomon Suspect Skis 2011

Salomon Suspect Skis 2011: The Salomon Suspect Skis are the reference for twin tip addicts: Solid construction and performance in park & all terrain versatility. A wide waist to ride the whole mountain and energy for huge pop on take offs. A true park and pipe master, the Salomon Suspect Skis are sure to turn heads. Built with a full word core, the Salomon Suspect Skis offer on snow stability and wider edges to provide increased durability and shock resistance without sacrificing flex. The wider body shape lets the Salomon Suspect Skis slash the pow till its tracked and hit the park after lunch.

Tip Width (mm): 122
Waist Width (mm): 86
Tail Width (mm): 115

pret 450 ron