1. Skiuri ATOMIC Nomad Smoke TI ARC + XTO12

    0740.55.99.31, 900 lei
    Lungime 164, insertii titan. Folosite 2 sezoane, aproximativ 5 iesiri in Austria, in stare foarte buna. In pret intra si husa originala Atomic.

    - All Mountain Rocker : Traditional camber 85% and tip rocker 15%

    - ARC Technology : It allows the skis to develop natural flex and therefore a smooth and natural glide.

    - Step Down Sidewall / Cap Fibre TI : The Half Cap construction at the ends of the ski protect it from mechanical damage, while the new Sidewall construction at the bindings ensures a natural flex, improves grip and prolongs the life of the ski. The Cap Fiber construction makes control of the ski easier. Combined with a titanium insert, it provides an even more dynamic rebound at high speed.

    - Valeur DIN : 4-12
    - Brake : 31.5 mm
    - Length: 260-380 mm
    - Senior Standard
    - High Elasticity
    - Vertical scalable pivot
    - SCP pedal
    - Automatic adjustment of wings
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