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    Cool Vand Clapari Full Tilt 28.5 (44.5) Model freestyle

    Clapari Full Tilt cumparati in martie 2013 - purtati 2 sezoane (2014-2015)

    Pret: 380 lei (predare personala in Bucuresti)
    Contact: 0731 038 060 (Andy)


    Ski Boot Specifications
    Actual Flex: #4 Tongue
    Flex Adjustment: No
    Buckle Count: 3
    Cuff Alignment: Single
    Ski/Walk: No
    Skill Range: AdvancedIntermediate-Expert

    Width: Medium - boot width of 100-103mm; average-advanced skier
    Flex: Soft - ideal for beginners or lightweight intermediates


    Even though the Booter using the new Influence shell it is just as much Full Tilt as any other. Simple and to the point, the Booter is light weight freestyle performance just in a wider foot shape. The Performer liner from Intuition keeps the weight down while offering solid support in a comfortable but warm liner, and the wide toe technology does wonders to keep wider or square feet happy by providing ample space in the toe box. The #4 Flex tongue may be a bit soft for larger riders but for smaller skiers or those that are more jib focused it will give a smooth easy feel for pressing, buttering, and rail control. The Booter also combines the Active Bootboard and Wrap Strap Closure to stop Shinbang in it's tracks. Whether tweaking out tricks or learning new ones the Booter is every bit Full Tilt for riders of any level.

    Influence 3 Piece Shell for Wider Feet
    5 Rib #4 Flex Tongue
    Performance Full Heat Moldable Intuition Liner
    Wide Toe Technology For More Toe Room
    Active Bootboard to Absorb Vibrations and Impacts
    Wrap Strap Closure For Even Shin Pressure
    Aluminum Buckles for Added Durability

    Pret: 380 lei (predare personala in Bucuresti)
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  2. Salutare, stii cumva cati mm are talpa ? Ce flex au ? Mersi

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