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    Va reamintiti episodul BMW X1 Live Tour pe care l-am anuntat aici si despre care am povestit aici. Ei bine spuneam ca am avut placuta surpriza sa cunoastem trei dintre componentii team-ului K2 Europe si cu unul dintre ei, Felix, am avut o mica discutie pe care v-am prezentat-o aici.

    Continuand ceea ce am inceput, il lasam pe Dani Schizzl sa se prezinte prin cateva replici.

    Hi Dani,

    SKIVIRUS: During the BMX X1 Live Tour in Poiana Brasov we had the pleasure of meeting you. I am sure that our forum users are anxious to get to know you so please tell us in a few words something about you like what's you name, age and where are you from.
    DANI: Hey guys, my full name is Dani Schiessl, 22 years old, I come from a small village in Bavaria, Germany, and am now studying in Kufstein, Tyrol, Austria.

    SKIVIRUS: I know that Felix is a freerider and Tom is a freestyler. What is your specialty in skiing?
    DANI: Maybe a mixture of both!? Or thats what I have been, I don't ski park anymore, had lots of knee problems, so for now, I'd say I'm more a freerider, which is good!

    SKIVIRUS: When we went for some runs on the mountain in Poiana Brasov you came along but when the guys had to do some tricks in the show you didn't join them. What happend?
    DANI: I had a knee surgery each season for 3 years straight, so unfortunately I am not able to hit kickers anymore. I had two torn ACL'S and one torn meniscus, then I decided to stop skiing park and jump, and only hit powder.

    SKIVIRUS: We asked Felix how did he become a proskier for K2 and the same thing we want to find out about you. So, how was it in you case?
    DANI: I applied for a sponsoring when I was 15, so long time ago, so we sat together and since then, I'm a K2 skier.

    SKIVIRUS: All the riders have some favourite resorts, places or runs. Which is your favourite place to ski?
    DANI: I'd say its Krippenstein, Austria, a super small resort, but a dreamland for pillows and treeruns. You should check it out. You can stay on top of the mountain, called the Lodge. They know everything about the mountain and are super cool!

    SKIVIRUS: We all hear often about epic runs. What is your epic run to remember?
    DANI: One recently run that I remember was in mid of february, at the Krippenstein, they just got fresh snow. The run wasn't too step, but super fun and included some small drops and pillows!

    SKIVIRUS: I guess a pro-skier needs a lot of equipment. Who are your sponsors for the moment?
    DANI: K2, Oakley, Leki, Full Tilt

    SKIVIRUS: A lot of guys listen to their iPod when skiing. If you do the same, what are you listening to? If you are not listening to music tell us why do you chose not to listen to music when skiing?
    DANI: I don't listen to music while skiing, when I ski, I have to hear whats happening around me, how it sounds when my skis carve in the snow. And it's safer to ski without music when you ski in the backcountry.

    SKIVIRUS: Anyone can use a piece of advice. What piece of advice do you want to give for anyone who dreams to become a pro skier?
    DANI: Have fun, but take it serious! Ski well, but don't forget the buness side of the life of a pro skier! And then agian, HAVE FUN.

    SKIVIRUS: What do you do in the no-snow-months (offseason) or what do you do when you are not skiing?
    DANI: Studying, and traveliing with friends

    SKIVIRUS: In the end, we would like to know what is your favourite ski movie?
    DANI: It's SESSION 1242, it'S a classic! What these guys did back then, is still comparable to what you can see in todays ski movies! Especially Pep Fujas' Part!

    SKIVIRUS: We thank you a lot for your time and we hope to keep in touch and maybe we will meet again.
    DANI: Thank you too! I enjoyed skiing in Romania, hope to come again.
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